Katsu Burger

When Randy brought up the idea of going here for dinner, I thought it sounded like the perfect compromise between my constant desire for Japanese food and Randy’s never-ending burger cravings. Plus, it was in Georgetown, a short drive from West Seattle.

Katsu Burger is the second restaurant to come from the genius mind of Chef Hajime Sato of the famed sushi joint Mashiko’s in West Seattle. I have so much good stuff to say about Mashiko’s, it really deserves its own post. But this is about Katsu Burger. Man, I’m hungry. What were we talking about?

Katsu Burger is a Japanese take on the classic American burger and fry joint. Their patties, your choice of pork, chicken or beef, are panko breaded and deep-fried. DEEP-FRIED, people. If at this point you haven’t dropped everything and sped to Georgetown, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore. Nevertheless, I’ll continue anyway.

I had the Wabi Wasabi , a beef patty with wasabi mayo, pepperjack cheese, and tonkatsu sauce. It was massive.

Wabi Wasabi
Try not to drool on your keyboard.

My husband and I both chose a combo meal, so we could try the nori and curry fries with wasabi mayo and curry sauce. It was all so very good. With the combinations of different types of burgers, fries and sauces, it would be a long time before you were forced to repeat a meal at Katsu Burger.

Aside from the great food, the staff here is very nice and helpful. They even gave me a button! I wear it with pride, but I should probably hide it because it makes my mouth water every time I see it. If they had served beer, I probably would have stayed and noshed on fries all night until they had to roll me outta there, Violet Beauregard style.

Katsu Pin
Show your burger pride.

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